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Saskia is an exciting and passionate speaker who teaches from the heart. She brings her intuitive gifts to each class as she connects with the audience. She has spoken at summits and retreats, been on radio shows, and presented at many other events. Her love of speaking started young when she spoke on topics dear to her heart winning the Value Trophy and Spirit of Greatness Trophy.

“Saskia delivers a power-packed, enriching experience for all the participants that came to her classes. She will knock your socks off at how much she loves and gives!”

— Tammy Ward

Featured in The Spectrum

“A lot of people that have been through sexual abuse, they think they’re dirty…they think they’ve done something wrong, they have all these negative thoughts going on about themselves,” said Stallings. “We need to acknowledge the negative thought processes if we want to release them.”



Saskia has been speaking for over 32 years. She is a lover of people. Teaching and speaking are her super powers. She enjoys inspiring others to get curious about their life, and create change. She is passionate about the beauty of self compassion, unconditional love, grace, and acceptance. We all have a part of us that is not traumatized, and she believes everyone is capable of tapping into that part to live a happier life. She enjoys speaking on topics about Embracing Your Purpose, Conquering Fears, Healing Trauma, Abuse,  and just about anything that has to do with trauma. She is intuitive, and can connect to others at a deep level, connecting to people and celebrating who they truly are. When she speaks she connects with her audience through her authentic style. She is known for speaking about topics that are sensitive, even if it challenges people. Though she considers herself private, she is okay stepping into the role of being a voice for others, until they have the courage for their voice to be heard. She loves to make people laugh. Saskia has a slew of stories from her own life experiences to share and inspire others. She believes that no matter what, we can all connect to our true self, and embrace our purpose. She is constantly learning, reading, taking trainings, and always has a new story to tell. She is married and has 7 beautiful children, 4 grandchildren, with another on the way. She loves to travel and meet new people. She loves all things whimsical, magical and fun. 

Stay Tuned…. for Saskia’s podcast Traumatose, coming March 2023

Warrioress Rising


This anthology of 15 true stories by sexual abuse survivors is both empowering and inspirational. This book gives a voice to women everywhere who have lived in the shadows of their abusers for far too long. Hope heals, and love prevails.

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Stay Tuned…. for Saskia’s podcast Traumatose, coming March 2023