Jennifer believe that healing is when the clinician is able to build a strong rapport with their client, meeting them where they are and in whatever state of mind they are in. Her role as therapist begins with building rapport with clients and gaining the knowledge of what you as the client need in therapy. Therapy often isn’t easy and it’s likely that we will encounter hard topics, however we can, together face these hard roads together- as no one should have to face these things alone.

She has successfully completed the first externship training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) which she likes to use with couples and in family therapy. She also have extensive experience using IFS (Internal Family Systems) with individuals experiencing symptoms due to PTSD and trauma. She has experience with several other evidence based modalities which she can use given the individual circumstances of the client’s needs. She is a firm believer that once we are able to have a healthy grasp on our mental health, everything else seems to fall into place in beautiful new ways. She would be honored to offer you the tools to paint the beautiful reality of your new life. “Thank you for considering me as your therapist, I look forward to working with you.”