Valentine received his Bachelors of Arts in Psychology at Southern Virginia University. While there, he doubled as a student athlete enjoying both Football and Track & Field. Currently, he is a graduate student attending Utah Tech University while obtaining his masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Valentine was raised in an Asian American household with nine children. His birth mother is Chinese and my father is American. While he was young, his father remarried an American woman who had four half Korean/American children of her own. A few years thereafter, his father passed away due to illness, and his step mother raised all 9 children on her own. Through the help of therapy and close family friends, he as well as his family, were fortunate enough to make it through this traumatic experience. Now that he has grown, he would like to give back to human kind through therapy. Valentine also speaks Spanish. 

Valentine is fascinated with energy psychology, mindfulness, CBT, DBT and Narrative Therapy. He believes that thoughts influence emotions, emotions over time influence personality, and personality is a personal reality. Everyone can improve their reality by changing the way that they think about themselves and the stories they are telling themselves about who they are. Valentine has a fun, energetic personality. He offers a safe space, where people feel truly seen and heard. He has a passion for helping others that can be felt in the work he does.