Roxanne Barlow


Roxanne has enjoyed worked in the healing arts for over 20 years. As she desired to expand her abilities, she continued on in her education toward a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is interested in helping clients draw connections between beliefs, patterns, and traumas, and how those may be affecting mind, body, and soul. As a professional who treats trauma, she uses evidence-based practices along with intuitive modalities to get to the core of the problems and issues that are showing up and negatively impacting an individual’s current life experience.   She is trained in Advanced Integrative Therapy and Accelerated Resolution Therapy. She is also a Certified Complex Trauma Professional.

Roxanne believes that healing from difficult life challenges, and progressing into a healthier version of yourself is possible. She is dedicated to helping anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle, but she is specifically interested in working with people who have endured trauma; those suffering from anxiety and depression; anyone feeling lost, without purpose, or stuck; adolescents struggling with weight issues, eating disorders, and body image challenges; and members of the diabetic community (specifically Type 1 diabetes).

In her private life, Roxanne loves to connect with those around her through gatherings with amazing people, stories, and food. She loves running, gardening, teaching piano, attending concerts, grounding in nature, and creating events that connect community members.