*Elissa Evans 

MSW, CSW, EMDR,       *Cedar City Office 

Elissa has more than 8 years of counseling experience. She has worked as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counselor and Domestic Violence Counselor. Elissa has spent the last 12 years doing Intuitive healing with certifications in several modalities. Elissa is EMDR trained.

Elissa is passionate about helping others, and throughout her journey she has played a huge role in a non-profit that helped people with life threatening illness, and was able to give back and support those in need. Elissa continues to help those in need through a food program for kids and families, mental health awareness programs, and organizing a crisis response team within her community.

Elissa’s clients range from adolescence, teens, and adults. Elissa has an understanding that life is not easy and helps the client find understanding and healing in their journey. Elissa provides a warm and compassionate environment to help the client feel safe and comfortable while addressing concerns. She feels that when the mind, body and spirit are out of balance it can cause many issues in life.

Elissa knows what it is like to have life struggles and is here to help you through it. We are all in need of help at one time or another. Elissa believes mental health is something we should not hide, it is part of all of us and you can to get help to navigate those hard days. She strives to end the stigma of Mental Health with the saying, “Mental Health Matters!” Reach out to me to start your journey of healing.