Pronouns: (She/her)

In my practice, I embody a holistic approach, integrating narrative, solution-focused, and mindfulness models to empower clients in their journey towards healing and growth. With a deep understanding of anxiety, trauma, faith transitions, and the quest for meaning, I create a safe space where clients feel seen, heard, and valued. Drawing from my innate qualities such as kindness, intuition, and empathy, I cultivate authentic connections that foster trust and openness. My clients appreciate my grounded nature, non-judgmental stance, and ability to provide calm, thoughtful perspectives. Guided by my passion for service and love for animals, I offer support that is both compassionate and insightful. My genuine commitment to helping others, coupled with my intuitive and spiritual approach, allows me to assist clients in accessing their inner resources and finding their unique path towards healing. I am honored to walk alongside my clients as they navigate life’s challenges, offering my kindness, listening ear, and unwavering support.
Chris is passionate about helping others to heal their hearts. With an in-depth understanding of LGBTQ+ challenges and religious trauma, supporting beautiful humans along their path of discovery is one of her passions.  Chris also has experience in traditional healing such as Chinese meridian work, Hawaiian healing rituals, and vision quests. She is empathetic and eager to hear your story and wants to guide you on your journey of restoring your self back to its authentic true nature. You will truly feel seen in Chris’s presence. She looks forward to working with you.